Round 2

Writers Write


on October 31, 2016

Nanowrimo begins tomorrow. My trick for completing this in the past focused on preparing at least a month early. That involved outlining the majority of my story, taking gobs of notes on any parts that might give me issues during the month-long writing competition, and preparing my household for the inevitability of a month’s worth of moody bitchery. Like good (or scared) minions, household residents began stocking favorite sweet and salty treats as well as good coffee. The differences between those Nano months and the one beginning tomorrow are extensive, but they come down to three major issues:

  • I wasn’t working at the time, so I could write my draft all day.
  • A simple text or frantic call worked wonders for replacing dwindling supplies.
  • I hadn’t jumped into an intense lifestyle diet two days before Nano started.

I know others balance work and Nano, so complaining in any way that I have a JOB *sniff* and might be somewhat stressed or stretched this month would be a total third world problem if my work didn’t revolve around content and copywriting. I’ve been working with new clients, and most of my monthly requests are expected to roll in within the first half of the month. Crazy bitch mode is inevitable.

I’m in a completely different stage in my life, so I have no idea what I’d do if someone was at my beck and call. I don’t rely on others to do things for me and I love it that way. But if I run out of Greek yogurt mid-month and can’t get it for whatever reason, people might die.

My best friend has lupus and multiple autoimmune issues. We live across the country from each other, but we try to offer as much RT support as possible. So when she asked me to do an intense endocrine diet with her that is supposed to balance hormones and strengthen the immune system, I agreed immediately. I just didn’t think about when it would start. When she reminded me and I mentioned work and Nano to get my head wrapped around it, she insisted I could postpone our plans for a month–but she’d do it alone for the first 30 days. Nope, not happening. Note: Day two of no sugar, gluten, or caffeine was *fun*.

This month may be rough, but I’ll get through it. I have the best support possible, and losing weight before the holidays will be nice for a change. Oh, but there’s also the election. OK, November may end up being the month from Hell.


3 responses to “Nano-Whine-Mo!

  1. mrs fringe says:

    Yikes! First, you are an amazing friend. Second, you’re a nut 😉 Ok, this year is different, this Nano is different, but as you said, YOU are in a different (and altogether better) place. Maybe the end result won’t look like it has from past Nanos, but that could be a positive. You’ve got this. ❤

    • Well, thanks and thanks lol. And back at ya. 😉

      I put off work yesterday to attack my story and focus on the diet and support group (seems I’m now a group leader for this program). It’s nice to be in a position where I can help support others. I’m working on an article today, working out later, and then jumping into Nano by late afternoon or early evening.

      Completed almost 1,700 words on my wip yesterday, so that’s a start. Monthlies are going to swarm in any day, so I need to get in a good groove. Positive, positive, positive. Love you. ❤

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