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Mental Info Dump

It’s been ages since I’ve checked in here. Honestly, I thought I posted something trivial in April. Apparently not. No bother. Blogs come and go. People continuously post bits of their lives to complete strangers without a second thought and then carry on with their day. I’ve had plenty to post about… births, relationships, random mental attacks, work challenges, etc. And yet, I remained silent. Until now.

Now I’m scared. Proud… but nervous. I re-started this blog a couple years ago to post things that made me happy. Life intervened and forced me to spew random thoughts anyway. Well, on one hand, I am happy about this… happy about certain peoples’ resolve. On the other hand, I’m terrified that it will end in anguish. I shouldn’t be, but regardless of how left I lean on certain issues or how optimistic I try to be, I’m a realist. Pride, however, overshadows everything.

This is not a nice world. America is not a nice culture. Not right now. And anyone who thinks otherwise is living under a rock. But sometimes people surprise you. My son moved back to the states two years ago. He met a young woman, and they became best friends. After a year, they began dating. They took their time and met several challenges. She’s his first adult girlfriend… his first serious one ever. He’s her first “boyfriend”. They’re both in their early 20s.

I had a baby and disabled husband at my son’s age. My son has a much more mature and secure grasp on life than I had. However, there are issues. His girlfriend is smart, hilarious, kind, open-minded, independent, stable, and a hard worker. She doesn’t even want to consider motherhood until her late 20s or early 30s. I’m telling you, she’s practically a mother’s dream. But with those traits come labels like black, Muslim, and LGBT member.

Each trait and label is just a part of her, and they melt together to create a beautiful young woman. But those who glance upon her have no clue how brilliant she is. They have no idea how easily her smile lights up a room or how quickly her deep giggle can make you crumple in half from laughing. What they see is that she’s a black woman who wears a scarf on her head is damn proud of her sexually open friends, relations, and personal leanings. Right there, she has multiple strikes against her in today’s fucked up society.

I mentioned there were issues. Those issues are not mine. They are not issues of my family members or closest friends. But they are issues of a society built on the backs of millions of cowardly, prejudice, trigger-happy homophobes. I’ve seen several memes lately sharing the wise words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The man was killed in 1968 for being an outspoken black man. Why the hell are we reliving the 20th century? We really should have mastered this shit by now and moved on.

So many people want to “make America great again”. America was never great. A country is only as strong and stable as its people. And let’s face it, we’re little more than a joke in the big scheme of things. Half of the population is supporting a bigot who wants to get rid of anyone who’s not white while encouraging and rewarding the senseless brutality that culminates in the most recent, and unfortunately ongoing, destruction across the nation.

This isn’t a political rant. I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass who you vote for and nothing I say is going to convince someone bent on their convictions to switch teams. America was built on the premise of open debate. That’s great. But brutality or death of its citizens shouldn’t be the end result. It’s a fucking shame when I look back on the past decade and think “Well, sure, my ex was a complete bi-polar, narcissistic asshole who cheated on me for the last two years of our farce of a marriage… but at least my son was safe in Canada.”  How about a new slogan: “Stop Persecuting and Killing Innocent People, Douchebags!”  Then again, that probably wouldn’t fit on a hat. Damn.