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WhoD — ‘Amn It!

Let’s clarify something: Not everyone in Ohio is an asshole. With that said, last night’s game ended with the right NFL team winning. But it didn’t have to go that way. The Bengals, MY team, had the upper hand. They could have gone all the way and made Ohio shine again. Instead, the state’s a laughing stock… due to 11 little boys on the field and a slew of stupid-ass groupies.

But it all began with Burfict. That bastard should have never played. As soon as he took the field it was clear he had a vendetta. Look, I get football is brutal, especially during playoffs. And let’s face it, it’s not the American past-time if someone doesn’t make a complete ass of themselves on national TV. But last night’s spectacle didn’t just look bad on a singular player or even the team. It made the entire state of Ohio look like assholes. And the majority of us are PISSED!

Moving passed the viral pic of the weepy chick in the tiger bandanna… yeah, the loss sucked. But it was well-deserved. They had the power. They had the strength. The team worked so hard to build their reputation in local communities. That wasn’t overlooked. They weren’t angels entering the field, but they were decent. And then Burfict started the lunchroom brawl crap. I get it. Fights happen in pro ball. Players antagonize and start shit to get the upper hand. It happens. But keep it in the back. Whomp each others’ asses in the locker room or after the game. Do NOT bring it on the field where you’re bound to get penalty after penalty for being an idiot.

And then the Big Ben trash upheaval of 2016. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! There’s PROTOCOL in football. Sportsmanship is paramount. When a player, ANY player, is injured to the point of being carted off the field on a stretcher, the teams bend a fucking knee!! You DROP to your knee and give that player respect! You don’t fucking throw trash on them and get the idiots in the stands to do the same!!

It was over at that point for me. Over. At first, it seemed to be fan-related trash pitching. Although completely “trashy”, I just thought it was rude and idiotic. But no. My sister, a Steeler’s fan, informed me that Bengal’s PLAYERS started the trash toss. And then the laughter fits started over my shaking… alternated by her shaking… followed by our screaming rants – which I’m surprised didn’t wake up any neighbors who weren’t still watching the game.

Nonetheless, the idiots still had a chance to win. It was close with one point up and less than two minutes to go. Focus was essential. Porter’s bait worked when Jones pushed a ref and verbally assaulted him, earning another penalty in the last minute of play. Sure, it earned a fine for Porter, but that’s nothing compared to winning the playoff game.

And if they had somehow managed to slide through and make it to the Super Bowl after all of that, I wouldn’t have bothered watching it. They’re still my team – always will be – but they’re temporarily disowned. We’ll see how they do next year, but they’ve lost a lot of fans over this crap. Ohioans are serious about football. Those of us who were raised in football families respect the hell out of the game. Fucking with that – big mistake. This is the biggest blunder since the Browns’ shut down. It will take a long time to recover.

Boomer’s response at the end of the game spoke for the rest of us: “I’m a former Bengal and I’m embarrassed”. We are, too, Boomer. We are, too.

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