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The Power of Three

on October 5, 2015

*Yesterday marked my one-year anniversary of returning stateside.

*According to province laws at the time I left, I’m legally separated from jackhole as of today – even though the marriage was over long before that and we lived as roommates for years – which confuses matters further. Still… legally separated as of today without issue.

*Tomorrow marks my 45th year on the planet.

Life has taught me that good things often come in groups of three, so I’m totally running with this. The upcoming year is mine.

This last year has been illuminating.

– I’ve learned firsthand to only fall for someone when you’re emotionally ready and love yourself first.. not out of loneliness. Otherwise you’re in for a world of trouble and pain.

– I’ve learned that the dating scene has changed DRASTICALLY since I was last a part of it… and I don’t like it. I’ll probably never fit into that lifestyle and I’m fine with that. I crave the old school wooing and respect over hooking up BS anyway, so I’ll happily choose to be single the rest of my life over settling.

– I’ve learned that two adorable felines can provide more love, warmth, and contentment than the wrong partner any day. Legit.

– I’ve learned that I have the most supportive, loving, and understanding family and real friends in the world. And I’ll never forget that again. Well, partially because they’ll never stop reminding me… loudly. And often.

– And perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned that when I’m given space and time to heal, I can achieve almost anything. I didn’t believe this time last year that my work level would grow to where it is today. But a year after returning home, I’ve reached expert level in three different professional writing categories for work. That may not sound like a lot, but after several years worth of bidding for client consideration and the chance to write basic health and business blogs, it’s a major professional advancement and a huge ego boost. And it helps keep the targeted requests rolling in which is at least half of the battle when your ultimate goal is to make a decent and stable living from writing.

I’m not a well-known or financially secure novelist.

I haven’t found the true love of my life – although I have a sneaking suspicion she’s writing this entry.

*But my confidence has improved immensely.

*My work and life skills are consistently evolving and improving.

*And my goals are on track.

That’s worth celebrating.

It should be interesting to see how things change and compare this time next year.


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