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I Hate Rollercoasters

on October 31, 2014

The last couple months have been so crazy. My moods have been everywhere. Finally, I’m back where I belong – with people who really love me. REALLY love me. See, I’ve realized something in my 44 years on this planet. Love saves. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve stayed away. It doesn’t matter what demons you cast upon yourself. If someone TRULY loves you, love saves.

Everyone needs that damn four letter word. Everyone deserves it. And therein lies the rub. Not everyone is willing to let it in, to let it repair the damage. That sucks. I know this first hand because I believed I was unworthy of love for a long time. That belief made me absolutely miserable. It sent me in the wrong life direction. It made me marry the wrong man. It made me die a little every day. But when I finally pulled my HEAD OUT OF MY ASS and realized I was worthy, I found the real deal. And then… well, he’s lost. He’s where I was. And I can’t save someone who won’t meet me halfway. I need to be saved sometimes, too. I guess I’ll just have to do that myself, though, because I DO believe in real love. I believe in that all encompassing healing force that can make miracles happen if you just don’t give up. I’m damn sure not giving up on myself again, even if someone else chooses to and can’t manage to love me for who I am. I wasted too many years on that bullshit – half of my life to be exact.

As for romance, one day someone will love me the way he needs to. I know he’s out there. Somewhere. And he’ll find me because he’ll have no choice. He won’t be complete until he does. And he’ll come to ME, damn it. Until then, however, I’ll just continue loving myself. I can be enough. I’m not too far gone for that. I’ll never be gone like that again.


5 responses to “I Hate Rollercoasters

  1. mrs fringe says:

    Beautiful. And yes, you are enough, and you are loved. ❤

  2. Lavern says:

    Ahhhhh, Lurve to lurve you, Babeeee!!!

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