Round 2

Writers Write

It’s oooover…it’s oooover…it’s oooover!

Sorry for the Loverboy flash back, but a lot has happened in these past 2 months or so. Turns out my second marriage that I said would either end in fire or tears is ending in neither. But it is ending. I honestly just assumed I’d find out one day that he was gay and end up moving back in with my sister for a while. One of those is happening…the sister part. Although, I’m not completely unsure of the former. Hey, this is my rant spot. Deal with it.

I don’t care one way or the other if he is gay. But he doesn’t need to lie about it. There’s been enough of that on his end. Thus far, I’ve caught him on dating sites and flirting with 20-some year olds elsewhere. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the flirting. Hell, I flirt. But I don’t lie about it. It’s the lying I can’t stand. And he’s become a pro at that. So when HE told me he doesn’t love me anymore, that was all I needed to hear. I may not be the best catch in the world, but I sure as hell deserve more than that.

So…8 weeks to earn some cash via work, get my stuff packed, and I’m back off to the states. And living with my sister. *facepalm*. At 44. Fuck. But honestly, my sister’s reaction of “IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!” and “When should I expect you, babycakes?” made me feel more loved than I have in a long time. So this will be fine. I’m not heartbroken over this and it’s been a shitload easier than the breakup of my first marriage. This is just another speedbump. And I’ll be a better person and writer for it.

A better writer? Oh, yes. I’ve been holding back on my story because I didn’t want to piss hub off…or hurt his ego. Something like that. I didn’t want him to one day read the story (he wouldn’t, but still) and say “is that how you see me?” or “you made me the asshole?” To hell with that. It’s just a story that had absolutely no connection with real life issues…until now. And suddenly a certain character is going to have a few extra familiar traits. Thanks, honey. *spit*

In all fairness, if he wanted to be portrayed well he should have acted better. It’s really not my fault. At all. I’m running with this.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard the following song 4 times over the last week (nope, not Loverboy) and giggled myself senseless at least 3 of those times. Funny how I haven’t heard it for years and then this week: BAM! Also odd how I’ve just realized how pedophilic the original video is. Therefore, I’m adding the slightly less ew video instead. Same song, though. Of course, now all I can think while watching it is “Oh, Lexie, you little whore!” Right then. NSFW.

Next update may be after I’m back in the states, or it could be tomorrow. Who the hell knows or cares for that matter. Enjoy the tune.