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Have a Matrifocal Day!

on May 11, 2014

I woke up in a crappy mood. Kiddo’s gone and hub’s working today. I don’t care about the latter, and kiddo would just be working anyway if he were here. But my mind was burning before I got out of bed. Not talking to the boy for 4 days hasn’t helped. Well, he hasn’t called, period (his phone’s a mess), but we were texting on Facebook until recently. I get he’s busy and his dad is financially unstable, among other things. So when I’m cognitive, I’m not worried about that. But when I checked Facebook this morning and there was nothing – no message, no wall post…nothing…I got pissed. Not one year has gone by that I haven’t handed him my cell phone and said “Call your father. It’s Father’s Day”, or his birthday, or whatever. Hub insisted my mind was just being evil again and I needed to breathe, as he made breakfast. That was nice. But I was still irrationally pissed or hurt. Whatever. And then while washing breakfast dishes, the following happened:

Hub: Hun? Your boy posted the following on your wall…

“Happy mothers day, mom! Thinking about you all the time. Enjoy your day, you deserve it for all the amazing things that you do. Your love for me has never ceased. Your baby boy is a man now, thanks to your loving care. So today, and all days, I love you, mom.”

My shoulders buckled, I sobbed, and turned away from hub’s prying stare…because I can NOT stand being watched when the tears start. Instead, I grabbed a tissue, nodded, and muttered I’d reply in a bit. Hub smiled and turned away like a good boy.

As he left for work, I logged onto fb and found the following instead of the original message:

“Happy Mothers Day, mom! Thinking about you all the time. Enjoy your day, you deserve it. Tryyyy to relax, I know how you are. So today, and every day, I love you, mom.”

My email says they posted within minutes of each other. So kiddo meant the first one; but he decided it was too girly and posted the second one instead to prove he’s a “man”. And I’m fine with that because I have BOTH saved in my inbox. And that’s enough to make this day pretty special…even though it’s just a typical day on my end.

To all who know or have amazing kids who continually surprise you and pull you out of irrational, moody-ass funks, may your day be matri-fabulous!


3 responses to “Have a Matrifocal Day!

  1. mrs fringe says:

    Oh geez, now you’ve got me boo-hooing and it isn’t even Mother’s Day anymore. Except it is, because we’re mothers first and foremost every day.

    (((((Hugs))))) for you, Ona. You’re an amazing mom, and a strong woman.

    PS: Figure out a time to Skype every couple of weeks with kiddo, it helps, and it’s free. ❤

    • Awwww shucks. (((((Hugs Back Atcha))))) and ditto, woman.

      Yeah, the Skype thing. Have we met? 😉 Honestly, he has unlimited internet there, but ours is changing rates next month to limited across the board. *spit* Sorry about your shoes *hands over a Scot Towel*. So I’ll be lucky to get my work done within the confines of the monthly charge.

      But we’ll figure out something. I’m like a roach in midtown…just when you think you’ve gotten rid of me, surprise! ❤

      Oh! And he called me last night, so it’s all good. Granted, his reason for calling me was due to his “dad” getting him all worked up over something that kiddo and I have discussed countless times. But I got to talk to him. I calmed him down like always and we had a great chat. Both guys – current and ex hubs – were bitching about how similar my boy and I are. Hub here kept saying “God, you two never stop acting identical…even 700 miles apart!” While ex kept saying “Damn, you sound JUST like your mother!” We both told them thanks at the same time. It was hilarious. We’ll be fine. Sometimes ya just gotta vent. ❤

      • mrs fringe says:

        Ugh, sorry to hear about the internet changes.

        But I love that story and phone call! Such a beautiful thing, to have a kiddo you “get,” and who gets you, too. ❤

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