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21 Years Ago.

on March 4, 2014

Twenty-One years ago today marks the anniversary of losing my ability to sneeze without peeing a little.

OK, fine. It also marks the anniversary of the day I had my boy.

I went to bed last night feeling a little weepy over that. Usually I look forward to his birthday. I’m very detail-oriented when it comes to birthdays and major holidays. I spend a lot of time and effort making sure everything’s perfect. Some have called me anal. I tend to agree. But this year was different. I felt it early, and it prompted a huge wave of depression. Money’s tight and my boy’s leaving soon. Every time I asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said “nothing” because he downloads or buys himself whatever he wants when he wants it. He works his butt off to afford that luxury, so I try not to complain. Still, 21st birthday and no big bang from mom? It bugged me..until this morning.

Kiddo made plans with some friends to do the big 21st birthday bar trip. Legal drinking age is 18 up here, so this number isn’t as big of a deal as it would have been back in the states. He’s gone to bars legally before. Only difference now is that he’s legal everywhere. I decided to stay home because I’m not a drinker, and the last thing a kid usually wants to do is hang out with mom on his 21st birthday..especially when he lives with her. Sure, step dad’s playing designated driver, but that’s completely different…and necessary.

I did, however, get him for the morning..all to myself. We went out for breakfast; my treat, of course. Birthday cake and a card awaited him after he primped for his outing. A 2-year guitar magazine subscription will follow him when he moves. I passed him a little extra cash to help cover a video game and cd he wanted. And that was it this year. Just a few little trinkets, but he wasn’t disappointed. That was a major mood lifter.

Just after he left, I checked my favorite writing forum and found a good friend had posted this in a thread I started:


She couldn’t have possibly known this was exactly what I needed today, or how well it fits my relationship with my kiddo, and her for that matter. Well, maybe she knew the latter ;). But it cracked me up. It’s way too hard acting nice all the time. No one has time for that crap. So, thanks, darlin’. I lurve ya.

As for the rest of the day, I have a good 7 hours of nothin’-but-me-time. And I intend to fully enjoy it.


7 responses to “21 Years Ago.

  1. swachski says:

    I’d say something nice, like have a fun me-time, but fuck that… 😀 *hugs*

  2. mrs fringe says:

    Love this! ❤ Also, Man Child turns 21 in a few days. 😀

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